Threes Comp 2017-2018

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If you have any issues regarding the Pool League you would like to discuss please email the BDICPL.
Maybe you are interested in changing pool teams even. Any major issues could be discussed at the
next AGM if submitted in writing.

Anyone identified sending abusive anonymous text messages or emails to the above mobile or email
address will be banned for life from the BDICPL.

BDICPL Committee.
BDICPL Threes Cup 2017-2018
Format and Rules.

All teams that were knocked out of the Charity Cup in the first two rounds are eligible for the
Three's Comp played on Charity Cup nights. Format being: 4 Man Team - 3 Players and 1 Reserve per
match of 9 single frames. The same 4 man team must play all their matches in their group and any
latter stages they reach in the competition. Divisional handicaps apply as below. There are 5
leagues of 6 teams. Top 3 and the best 4th placed team progress to knockout stage.

Rules: Same as normal League night making sure 3 object balls must touch a cushion or one potted
when breaking. Toss for break at start of match. Winners break and losers ref then alternate
remaining frames. Play all frames as frame different will count.
Frame Start Divisional Handicap as follows: Prem:0 Div1:+1 Div2:+2 Div3:+3 (Example: Div1 team play
Div2 team, Div2 team get 1 frame start)

There will be one match per night per team starting at 8pm (or if clash will start at 9:30pm) and due to finish an hour and a half later (90 mins). That means 9 x 10 MINUTES per frame is allocated!
Captains: Any stalemate situations arising should be agreed and re-racked asap. No sandwiches are required - they are optional for this event. Team
captains must arrive at 7:50pm or 9:20pm to make the draw. Reserves must be nominated at the draw
and may be played after the first 3 frames of the match. Substituted players can not re-enter the
draw. There must be all 6 players there ready to start the match promptly at 8pm. Any team arriving late will forfeit 1 frame every 10 minutes and
the complete match will be forfeit after 30 minutes, especially if there is a second match that
same night on the same table !! Threes Cup result sheets can be downloaded from this website in the download

Captains, if your team is unable to play because you are unable to field 3 players or any other
reason please contact the BDICPL and advise asap before the 8pm start time. All 6 players must at
the venue at the start of the match for the match to begin.

Please remember all matches are to be played in a sporting manner. Good luck everybody.

BDICPL Committee
Matches and Results
League week 1
League week 2
League week 3
League week 4
League week 5

Three's Knockout Last 16
Three's Knockout
Fixture Changes
Due to the Charity Cup and several teams sharing venues and both teams entering two teams into the
Three's Cup there have been a few fixture complications.
The following teams and their playing times have been amended to either an 8pm start or 9:30pm
start as follows:

WEEK 1 14/11/2017
Charity Cup matches having preference over Threes matches the following matches will be allocated tables at Qball:

Outlaws B v Pockpickers A.
Knights B v Rangers B.
Warriors B v Patriots.
Postbones B v Warriors A 8pm
PO Raiders A v Barsta A 9:30pm
Captains will be notified by BDICPL.

The following clashes will be played at the following times:

VPA B v Minutemen B 8pm
Pockpickers B v Pitpool A 9:30pm

WEEK 2 13/02/18

Postbones A v Rangers A 8pm
PO Raiders B v Pockpickers B 9:30pm

VPA A v Knights 9.30pm
Pockpickers A v PO Raiders A

WEEK 3 20/03/18

VPA B v Patriots 8pm
Pockpickers B v Barsta B 9:30pm

Postbones B v Knights B 8pm
PO Raiders A v Outlaws B 9:30pm

WEEK 4 01/05/18

Postbones A v Knights A 8pm
PO Raiders B v Pitpool A 9:30pm

VPA A v Postbones B 8pm
Pockpickers A v Barsta A 9:30pm

WEEK 5 08/05/18

Postbones A v Barbarians 8pm
PO Raiders B v Gnashers A 9:30pm

Pockpickers A v Mavericks 8pm
VPA B v Patriots B 9:30pm

Topguns have folded and been replaced by Patriots B in Div 3.

There maybe more changes so please check back regularly.

All matches to be played in a sporting manner. Good luck to everyone.
BDICPL Committee
Teams Dropping Out!
Captains please be aware that if any teams decide to enter the Three's Comp this
year and then decide to pull out or fold and spoil the group stages of the competition for the
other teams, because they "can't be bothered", those teams will NOT be eligible for the Three's
Cup next season !!

BDICPL Committee

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