BDICPL Summer Cup 2018

BDICPL Main Number 07402 101316
BDICPL Email address is
BDICPL website:

If you have any issues regarding the Pool League you would like to discuss please email the BDICPL.
Maybe you are interested in changing pool teams even. Any major issues could be discussed at the next AGM if submitted in writing.

Anyone identified sending abusive anonymous text messages or emails to the above mobile or email address will be banned for life from the BDICPL.

BDICPL Committee.
BDICPL Summer Cup 2018

Knockout Stages of Summer Cup 2018 are on the website below.

Captains it is up to you to arrange with YOUR home venue to play your home fixtures on these dates below.
It is NOT for the BDICPL to arrange as some people seem to think!

Any more teams who drop out because "they can't be bothered to play" will be banned from entry to the competition next year!

There are 5 Divisions so 16 teams qualify. Top 3 teams from each Division and THE best 4TH placed team qualifies for the last 16 knockout - so all frames count.

All results to be TEXT to BDICPL within 24hrs of completion of match by winning team captain.

BDICPL Summer Cup result sheets (v1.3) can be downloaded from BDICPL website link above.

Handicaps are based on final standings on last day of THIS 2018 season.
Handicaps are as follows: Prem = 0, Div1 = 1, Div2 = 2 & Div3 = 3.
So if you went down you get 1 additional handicap point.
If you went up you get 1 less handicap point.
(Gilly Guzzlers and PO Postbones have both been given a provisional handicap of +1 until registration).
Format: 5 person team - best of 15 frames
Captains can sub players after 5th frame. Substituted player can not play again in match.

VPA have replaced GUZZLERS.
MINUTEMEN will play their matches from BOWERS.
RANGERS will play ALL their matches as AWAY matches.
NFG play their matches from Barnhall Social Club.

Please remember the games are to be played in a sporting manner.
Good luck everyone.

BDICPL Committee.
Matches and Results
League week 1
League week 2
League week 3
League week 4
League week 5

Summer Cup Knockout 2018 Last 16

Summer Cup Knockout 2018 Quarter finals

Summer Cup Knockout 2018 Semi finals

Summer Cup Knockout 2018 Final

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