Basildon District Independant Club Pool League 2018-2019

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BDICPL Main Number 07402 101316
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BDICPL main email address:
The Official BDICPL home website:

The BDICPL is run by a committee of members who give up their own free time to organise and arrange weekly pool matches and pool events for on average of 400 BDICPL players in 40 teams throughout the season.

If you have any issues or constructive suggestions regarding the Pool League you would like to discuss please email the BDICPL.
Maybe you are interested in changing pool teams even. Any major issues could be discussed at the next AGM if submitted in writing.

Anyone identified either, sending abusive anonymous text messages or emails to the above mobile or email address will be banned for life from the BDICPL.

Anyone identified posting abusive comments on social media aimed directed at the BDICPL Committee or its members, and in doing so bringing the league into disrepute, will be banned for life from the BDICPL.

Please read the important current notices section in the drop down menus regularly for updates to various issues.

BDICPL Committee.
BDICPL Combination Cup
The new Combination Cup competition starts on the 15/01/19 and has replaced the Three's Competition. It includes all the losing teams that were eliminated from the Charity Cup in the first two rounds.
After the byes it will be a straight knockout played on Charity Cup night.

The format is a 6 person team who play the best of 9 frames in total. The match comprises of: 6 x one frame singles matches and 3 x one frame scotch doubles matches. There are NO substitutions.

Captains will draw the first 6 singles alternately as usual, then all ID cards will be turned over and used again to draw the pairings for the doubles. Break will be decided by flipping a coin for break and losing team refs. Break and ref's are then alternated.

Divisional handicaps will apply as usual to decide any frame starts.
Team handicaps - Prem: 0, Div1: +1, Div2: +2, Div3: +3

Please remember to play all matches in a sporting manner.
Good luck everyone.

BDICPL Committee
New BDICPL Comps & Attendance Rules
BDICPL Officials who normally officiate at Qball are :

Bill Woolward (Secretary)
Jim Atkinson
Mark Redgewell

We are experimenting with a new format this season.

No more Wednesday Night Competitions !!

Each Competition will be played, on one night only, down to the Final across all 10 x 8Ball tables at Qball.
Each one will all be played on 7 separate Tuesday nights during this coming season at Qball. (See fixtures for dates).

New format: You turn up between 7:15pm and 7:45pm to register in the appropriate comp on the allocated day.
You don't turn up - you don't waste anyone's time. Bring your ID card or photo of it.
(Please do not all turn up at 7:40pm or you won't be registered in time).

Book slammed shut at 7:45pm and the draw will be done at 7:50pm sharp.

Play starts straight after the draw. We then play preliminaries first if necessary, then we play all the Comp using all 10 x 8ball pool tables to the Final.

All the money competitions this year are still 1st prize of £100 to all the winners and £50 to the runner up.

Money competitions are:
Prem 1st 2nd & 3rd Div Singles
Doubles Cup
Captain & Secretary Cup
Veterans Cup

Any teams who would like the BDICPL to try and arrange a friendly for them on Comp nights will need to contact the BDICPL at least 7 days before.
Just text, stating name of your team and "please arrange friendly on (date)". We will try our best to arrange one for you.

Good luck everyone and remember to play in a sporting manner.

BDICPL Committee.
Expected Etiquette of BDICPL players
BDICPL are still having complaints from players playing on Table 9 and 10 at Qball.

So a reminder to all new players, if a player is addressing the pool table and you are approaching the table from either end,
the etiquette is to stop and patiently wait until they have finished their shot then quickly proceed before the next shot is addressed.
Not just BARGE through the game and disturb their shot and whole game as some do at Qball on Table 9 and 10 on Tuesday nights !!

One BDICPL player even did a complete lap of the table while the player was addressing the table !!

Captains please remind all your players this etiquette applies to everyone.

BDICPL Committee
Matches and Results
Charity Cup Last 64
League week 1
Prem Singles Last 16
League week 2
Charity Cup Last 32
League week 3
1st Div Singles Last 16
League week 4
League week 5
Prem League Cup Last 16
Div1 League Cup Last 16
Div2 LeagueCup Last 16
Div3 League Cup Last 16
League week 6
League week 7
Xmas Break
Xmas Break
League week 8
Charity Cup Last 16
Combination Cup Last 32
League week 9
Div 2 Singles
League week 10
Prem League Cup Quarter finals
Div1 League Cup Quarter finals
Div2 LeagueCup Quarter finals
Div3 League Cup Quarter finals
League week 11
Div 3 Singles
League week 12
Charity Cup Quarter finals
Combination Cup Last 16
League week 13
Doubles Cup
League week 14
Prem League Cup Semi finals
Div1 League Cup Semi finals
Div2 LeagueCup Semi finals
Div3 League Cup Semi finals
League week 15
Capt & Sec Cup
League week 16
Charity Cup Semi finals
Combination Cup Quater finals
League week 17
Veterans Cup
League week 18
Prem League Cup Final
Div1 League Cup Final
Div2 LeagueCup Final
Div3 League Cup Final
Combination Cup Semi finals
Charity Cup Final
Combination Cup Final
Double Night 2 - Last 16
Finals Night
Presentation Night At Qball
Veteran's Night 21/05/19
Veteran's Comp Night will be 21/05/19 at Qball.
You have to be aged 50 or over on the night to enter.

FYI: The Doubles Last 32 will be played at Qball on 25/06/19.

After talking to various people since starting these competitions, it seems, the nights have been a great success and also an enjoyable social evening.

Based on the above the BDICPL will continue with this "play to the final on the night" format for all of the remaining Money Comps.

The BDICPL would just like to thank all those who attended and supported these events and congratulations to all the finalists on each of the nights so far.

Below is a list of who will play, so far, in the final on Finals Night at the end of the season:

Prem Div Singles : Ian Courtney (Rack Pack) v Tony Burton (Barbarians) (48 Entrants)
1st Div Singles: Barry Freeman (On The Wick) v Mark Carrington (Old Bastar Balls) (37 Entrants)
2nd Div Singles: Paul Stacey (Bluehouse) v Dave Fern (Pitpools) (44 Entrants)
3rd Div Singles: Trevor Cannon (Pocket Pickers) v Ben Leonardi (Minutemen) (29 Entrants)
Capt & Sec Cup: Barnhall Knights v Qball Scratchers (20 Entrants)
Veterans Cup: TBC v TBC <-------> 21/05/19
Doubles Cup: TBC v TBC <-------> 25/06/19
Champion of Champions Singles Cup: 02/07/19

BDICPL Trophy Presentation Night will be on 17/08/19 at Qball.

The website above only shows the "Last 16" draw onwards of each competition.

BDICPL Committee.
Score Cards & Updated Docs
Captain's please remember to take a photo of your score result card in portrait view before texting the card in. Text them to BDICPL using free WhatsApp by end of next day to keep website up to date.
Do not send any cards in by Royal Mail anymore.

Captain's are reminded that failure to text in a photo of the result card could result in the loss of individual points.

All forms in the downloads section show the current version of form currently being used. Please check you are using the current version. If not download the new one.

BDICPL Committee.

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